Rough Terrain Fork Truck Training

Rough Terrain Forklift Course

Rough terrain trucks (masted) are commonly used in the agricultural and construction industry.

‘They are equipped with large pneumatic tyres, giving them greater ground clearance. They are often 4 wheel drive and may be fitted with a locking differential, very useful when used on muddy or slippery terrains.

Categories of Rough Terrain trucks (Masted):

  • J1 - Masted lift truck

Attachments are commonly fitted to enhance the variety of tasks that these vehicles can perform. Popular attachments are side shift, fork positioners and also non hydraulic attachments such as jibs, sand/grain buckets, bale spike, etc.

Types of rough terrain forklift training courses available are novice, refresher and training for individuals with limited/previous experience. Forklift certificate issued on successful completion.

Courses available:

We offer a variety of courses for this type of equipment. There is a maximum ratio of 3 candidates per course. Courses include refresher training including re-test suitable only for candidates who already hold valid certification on the same machine type, conversion training for candidates wishing to convert from one type of machine to another, experienced operator with no previous formal training, and novice.

Course Duration:

Course durations will depend on the number of candidates and level of experience, but are typically between 1 day and 5 days. Contact us to establish how many days you are likely to need.

Rough Terrain Forklift training courses are held on your premises. Areas covered: Kent, London, Essex, Sussex plus other counties in and around the southeast.