Pivot-Steer Forklift

Pivot Steer Forklift Operator Courses

Pivot Steer forklifts are very versatile. They are made by a variety of manufacturers including Bendi, Flexi and Aislemaster. They can offer the opportunity to stack in very narrow aisles, sometimes as little as 1.6 metres, and still be able to stack to high levels. To improve versatility further, they can operate on regular ‘floated’ concrete surfaces, and can therefore safely be used to unload or load lorries in yard areas. The steering takes some time to master, and operators need to appreciate that on this type of forklift, even where stationary, steering is moving !

Categories of Pivot Steer forklifts

  • P1 – Rider pivot steer forklift
  • P2 – Pedestrian pivot steer forklift

Courses available:

We offer a variety of courses for this type of equipment. There is a maximum ratio of 3 candidates per course. Courses include refresher training including re-test suitable only for candidates who already hold valid certification on the same machine type, conversion training for candidates wishing to convert from one type of machine to another, experienced operator with no previous formal training, and novice.

Course Duration:

Course durations will depend on the number of candidates, and level of experience, but are typically between 1 day and 5 days. Contact us to establish how many days you are likely to need.