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How old does a forklift operator need to be?
School leaving age, apart from on-dock premises, where there is a minimum age of 18 years.
Do I need a car drivers licence to operate a forklift?
I have a forklift certificate. Can I drive a forklift on a public road?
Will the training you provide satisfy the requirements of the HSE and my insurance company?
Do people who operate trucks occasionally, need to be trained to the same standards as regular operators?
Why use Safe Handling for our training needs?
Can I use my forklift for elevated maintenance with a fork mounted work platform?

Forklifts can be used for elevated work for non-planned work only. This may include emergency repairs, or clearing a blocked gutter. Certain types of machine are not suitable for this type of work, and other may need significant alterations. There is a clear guidance note published by the HSE, referred to as ‘PM28, Use of non-integrated work platforms with forklift trucks’.
See this document: www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/pm28.htm
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Does my qualification entitle me to operate other types of forklift/handling equipment?
How often do I need to undertake refresher training?
Can you train our operators on our equipment at our site?
How many operators can be trained at once?
Am I legally obliged to ensure that all of my operators are trained?