Site Shunter

Site shunter driver trainingIf you need existing staff to move large goods vehicles around on site, who do not currently hold a current LGV / HGV drivers licence, you will need to get them trained as ‘Site Shunters’. This course can be tailored to suit your operation, regardless of the type of vehicle, including Rigid, Articulated , left or right hand drive etc.

Course Content:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act obligations, including other relevant legal obligations
  • Safety checking of vehicles and equipment
  • Manoeuvring vehicles in open and confined areas
  • Manoeuvring forwards and backwards
  • Coupling / uncoupling procedures – Articulated combinations
  • Safe working practices
  • Safety film
  • Theoretical content including theoretical element testing
  • Practical skills testing and course feedback

Course Duration:

The course length will vary on the type of vehicle, previous experience, complexity of operation and number of candidates. Maximum candidate ratio 3 per course. Please contact us for further details.

Course venue – your premises. Courses are fully accredited.

Please note, we recommend that you check with your combined risks insurer to check that they will cover this type of operation.