Pedestrian Pallet Trucks & Stackers

Pallet Truck Operator Course

Pallet trucks are an ideal piece of equipment for marshalling pallets on vehicle beds and shunting pallets in small areas over short distances. They are a low cost method of moving up to 2 tonnes of palletised loads on level ground and are virtually disposable units.

Courses available:

Hand Pallet Truck - Z1
The simplest way of moving a pallet of goods is by using a hand pallet truck which is a manual hydraulic lift and requires the energy for pulling/pushing by the operator. Standard capacity - 2 tonnes.

Electric Pedestrian Pallet truck (A1) and Electric Rider Pallet Truck (A2)
Using powered pallet trucks eliminates or reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and save space within the working area due to their small profile.
Powered pallet trucks move palletised goods at ground level. These are usually powered in both lift and traction however the lift is limited so that the pallet just clears the ground. Powered Pallet Trucks can be rider or pedestrian depending on the distances that goods need to be transported. Standard capacities are 1.6 - 2 tonnes.

Electric Pedestrian Stacker - A5
Stackers are pedestrian operated with powered traction and lift. It is common for the machine to be able to lift to 3 metres, occasionally more, for stacking purposes and they normally have a relatively low lifting capacity of around 1 tonne.

Pedestrian Stacker Truck Training

There are many variations of this type of equipment and we are able to provide training on all types.

Novice and refresher courses available. Dependant on equipment type training duration and number of trainees may vary. Certificate issued on successful completion.

Pallet truck operator training courses can take place either at your premises or at our site in Sittingbourne, Kent. Areas covered: Kent, London, Essex, Sussex plus other counties in and around the Southeast.